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"It is the thinker, or in case of doubt, the doubter,
who one must examine"
-Ramana Maharshi-



About Yoga at YogaSutra

Yoga is an experiential science, not a belief system. If you practice, you will experience. Only through your own experience, you will truly know.

YogaSutra is a space where you get to experience the depth of yoga, provided you are disciplined and consistent. You come as you are and you learn to understand that your body is perfect as it is now, regardless of shape and form, and that it is a custom made tool given especially to you. Your body is your instrument. Once you learn enough you can take this space with you and begin your home practice.


At YogaSutra there is no competition, you learn that what really matters happens within and that while your body will transform, the external physical expression of this progress is not a measure of your inner transformation. 

You come here to feel, to discover, to connect, to perceive the wisdom of your own body, you come to BE.

You come here to begin the path of mastering and uncovering your mind, which may take all your life and more.

You come here to become free from yourself.

Choose from Hatha, Ashtanga (a blend of Raja Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa) or a unique blend of Hatha/Ashtanga/Vinyasa/Jnana yoga

"I am a total novice to Yoga and Catalina made me feel comfortable straight away. She has a very calm and friendly aura that makes the whole experience even more relaxing. She guided me through the class and gave me good hints on how to do it and on what to feel and where. It was for sure a great introduction to yoga in a great class and I felt very good afterwards."

Annet Ronson

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